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The UMAM-01 is a Micro Adjustment Projector Mount created specifically for Panasonic ® Projectors. UMAM-01 was specifically designed for “Multiple Projector Media Wall” applications. This product specific mount alleviates the need for constant calibration as well as accurately keeping the media wall images in sync before, during and after performing projector maintenance/replacement. The UMAM-01 is the ULTIMATE solution when it comes to media wall design and maintenance.

Unlike the calibration mechanics of traditional projector mounts available in the market today, the UMAM-01 offers “Solid State” locking technology. This technology provides 100% axis locking of the physical alignment of the projector once it has been calibrated. Upon calibration, all of the adjustment points on the UMAM-01 may be locked to prevent any further movement from the home position. This makes it the ideal candidate for media wall projector mounts since the projector has the ability to be serviced / replaced without disrupting the orientation of the mount or the alignment of the projector.

In addition to the “Patent Pending” locking technology, the UMAM-01 is also designed with a single point quick release pin which allows the projector to be removed from its mounting position by simply removing the QR Pin. The QR Pin ensures that there will not be any need for additional / special tools to detach the projector from the mounting base of the UMAM-01. Also, a specialized service technician will not have to be utilized to perform routine maintenance of the media wall projectors or lamp replacements. This innovative, unique mount also makes the process of replacing a projector a breeze. Replacing a projector is easy due to the engineering of the projector attachment section as there is only one way that the UMAM-01 attaches to the projector, and therefore there is only one way to mount it! Simply remove the 4-projector mounting screws from the UMAM-01 and swap out your projector, viola!

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1-UMAM-01 Projector Plate and Mount Base
1-Set of (5) Mounting Screws for Panasonic Brand Projectors
1-User Manual


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