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TV Installation

Hello and welcome to the United Interfaces Technologies TV Installation Page.

Here you will find helpful information about choosing the right Flat Screen TV and Mount combination, along with access to some of the most Professional TV Installation and A/V Services that California has to offer.

Have you just recently purchased a new Flat Screen TV? Are you interested in purchasing a new Flat Screen TV? If you answered yes to either of these questions then you are in the right place.

Looking for a new Flat Screen TV?

If you are looking for a new Flat Screen TV, we offer a variety of different top quality brands. If you want a Samsung TV, we have it. If you would like a Sharp TV, we have it. If you want a Vizio TV, we have it. Maybe you would like your TV to be Smart, like a Smart TV? Maybe a Samsung Smart TV? Whatever the brand or IQ score of your favorite television is, we have it.

For More Information about Flat Screen TV types and features, please click the Flat Screen TV link.

Flat Screen TV Installation Services

If we are able to help educate you in picking the right Flat Screen TV for your environment, surely you would like to hear about some of the professional TV Installation services that we offer.

Thank you for your interest. We would like to take a moment to inform you of some of the benefits that come along with working with the right Audio/Video Company.

For starters, we pay attention to the details, large or small whatever they may be, they matter and they’re important.

We would never advise a Client that it would be correct to mount a television above a fireplace without a mantel. The heat would cause damage to the panel and degrade the Flat Screen TV video quality after only a few fires. This doesn’t sound like the ideal location for the new Flat Screen TV does it? The TV one you just spent your hard earned money on, only to have it require immediate service.

We would also never advise a Client that it would be correct to install an indoor television outside on the patio by the barbecue, even if it’s going to be installed underneath an awning. The heat produced from the unit draws the moisture out of the air which in turn corrodes the electrical circuitry as well as the screen components. In the end you may think you’re spending a little less than you would on an outdoor television, but then again two televisions of relative size usually cost more than one. At United Interface Technologies we’re not about selling useless products that you don’t need. We’re about creating happy satisfied customers.

For more information on the TV Installation do’s and don’ts, please click the TV Installation do’s and don’ts link.

Why us?

After reading the “United Interfaces TV Installation Standard Practices Guide” then you, the client, will be ensured that you are receiving the highest quality, level of customer service and support available in the A/V industry. Our Flat Screen TV Installations are better than our competitors Flat Screen TV Installations because of one simple and important fact. The fact is, to us, our Clients are always #1. We’re not about completing sub-par, high volume, retail chain, Flat Screen TV Installations. We’re about building healthy long lasting relationships with our Clients, and most importantly getting that new Flat Screen TV installed correctly.

Ok, we know you get it. So now you’re ready to schedule an appointment, or maybe you have some questions about that new Flat Screen TV choice, or maybe even a Flat Panel TV mount.

Well, give us a call. We are ready and happy to assist. We offer same day service on most TV Installations. Larger TV installations above 65” may require additional preparation.

Give us a call @ 424-260-TECH (8324) we’d like to hear from you.

Thank you,
-United Interfaces Team