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Cellular Boosters

residenatial_cell_boosterOur commercial cellular enhancement networks can provide crystal clear communication in areas where a normal cellular device could not otherwise. These solutions can be critical when it comes to maintaining communications for your cellular device in your home .

A majority of the cellular repeaters and boosters which you can acquire presently have not been approved for safe use for the public. Every component of cellular equipment we provide has been FCC approved to ensure the safety your home’s occupants.

It has been acknowledged that having adequate cellular signal reduces the transmit and receive power required from the handheld device.  Which means you’ll be reducing the amount of radiation being generated by your handheld cellular device. This reduction in radiation will allow your cellular device battery to last longer than it would in situations where you have poor reception. This will also help prolong the life of the battery in the handheld device.

These components will provide you a more reliable means of communication. This will also provide you the ability to increase cellular signal for multiple networks. We can provide these services from a single device unlike that of the devices provided by the cellular carriers.